Lieutenant-Colonel R Carruthers, OMM, CD
[Royal Canadian Dragoons] 

Royal Canadian Armoured Corps Association (RCACA)

Vice-president Central
Lieutenant-Colonel P.J. Halton, CD
[Queen's York Rangers]

Association Officers

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For more than 90 years the RCAC Association has been a dynamic nation wide organization deeply involved in a wide spectrum of military and national issues. Established with the principal aim of furthering the cause and progress of the cavalry arm, the Association quickly expanded its horizons and has been regularly at the forefront in dealing with issues in all spheres of support to the Canadian military. Over the decades it has played a vital role in uniting and enhancing Canada's armour community.

The Association serves as a vital link within the Corps between units, serving Regular and Reserve Force personnel, and the large body of retired individuals. Through its widespread national membership it provides effective contact and liaison with the public at large, with other arms and services, and with the larger defence community. Newsletters, bulletins, meetings, and conferences of varying scope enhance these links. LCol R Brown (The Ontario Regiment (RCAC))

The Association's governing body is composed of the commanding officer of each of the 20 Regular and Reserve Force armoured regiments, and the school. Their deliberations are enhanced by the addition of six life members, officers and members of the executive committee, and the ex-officio presence of the Colonel Commandant, Director Armour and the RSM RCAC. They meet annually with selected armour staff and a variety of senior appointments to consider and act upon matters of concern to the Corps and the Canadian military in general. This serves not only to develop a unified political agenda, but also forges close ties between units and individuals.

Specific activities of the Association include:

  • financial support and representation to the CFB Borden Military Museum, which incorporates the former RCAC Museum with its outstanding collection of Canadian, allied and Axis armoured fighting vehicles
  • preserving and maintaining the RCAC Memorial Suite of hard carved oak furnishings, original art, china and silver services, and historical trophies in CFB Gagetown at the Armour School 
  • provision of trophies for regional and national Corps competitions
  • provision of awards at the Service College and the Armour School
  • management of the Armoured Branch Trust, a registered charity that accumulates funds to support projects of an informational and educational nature
  • representation and input for the Corps to the Conference of Defence Associations
  • regular input to National Defence Headquarters and other higher levels on matters of concern
  • dissemination of information and news within the Corps
  • ongoing liaison with other corps on items of common interest.

Units and the officers serving in them are sustaining members of the Association. All ranks, serving or retired, are eligible for life membership. The organization now represents some 7,500 individuals. 

Vice-president East
LCol (ret'd) J.L.L. Petit, CD
[12e Régiment blindé du Canada] 

Sergeant S Barrett, CD
[Royal Canadian Hussars (Montréal)] 

Vice-president West
Lieutenant-Colonel Ross Wickware, CD
 [King's Own Calgary Regiment] 

CWO C Layne, CD
[The Royal Canadian Hussars (Montréal)]