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The Royal Canadian Armoured Corps:
An Illustrated History

A project spanning some ten years has come to fruition with the publication of a definitive history of the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps and its predecessor, the Canadian Cavalry. Conceived to celebrate the RCAC Diamond Jubilee in 2000, The Royal Canadian Armoured Corps: An Illustrated History is authored by Lt.-Col. (retd) John K. Marteinson, a respected Canadian military historian who has published several volumes and collaborated on other well-received manuscripts.

The book is designed as a 'popular' history, written in a style that can be enjoyed by all, yet accurate and comprehensive. Totaling some 450 pages in 9x12" format, it traces the whole of the Corps' history from the earliest cavalry troop in 1759. The volume is profusely illustrated and special maps have been drawn showing the movement of Canadian armoured formations in battle. 

Many well known photographs are included and it boasts the largest selection of colour reproductions of armour paintings ever assembled from the Canadian War Museum's magnificent war art collection. These are complimented by superb line drawings of the majority of armoured vehicles used by the Corps, commissioned from Chris Johnson of Newcastle, Ont. 

A substantial portion is devoted to the Second World War, when armour took its place as one of the principal combat arms of the Canadian Army. It follows the development of the Corps from the 'gleam' in Gen. Worthington's eye in 1936, through its growth and training in Canada and England, and its battlefield experiences in Dieppe, Italy and Northwest Europe. What emerges is the vital role played by the Corps in the war effort.

The evolution of the RCAC since 1945 is also detailed, recounting in text and photographs the contributions during the Korean War, with NATO and on dozens of peacekeeping missions around the globe. The commitment of the Militia regiments over the past half century is documented as they moved through armoured, civil defence and light armoured roles, even as units disappeared in successive reorganizations.The Royal Canadian Armoured Corps:
An Illustrated History.
448 pages
8.5 x 11 inches
More than 300 photographs, illustrations and maps
Appendices, index
Hardcover with jacket
Price: CDN $79.95 (including S&H)

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