1st Canadian Armoured
Carrier Regiment

Northwest Europe, 1944 – 1945


Unit Serial and Arm of Service Flash, 1944 – 1945


Formation Sign, 79th Armoured Division

Battle Honours: Second World War

Le Havre, Boulogne 1944, The Lower Maas, The Roer, The Rhineland, The Reichswald, Cleve, Moyland, Goch-Calcar Road, The Hochwald, Xanten, The Rhine, Groningen, North West Europe 1944-45.

Historical Sketch

On 28 August 1944, 1st Armoured Carrier Squadron was formed as a result of the use of Defrocked Priests during Operations Totalize and Tractable in August 1944 by 2nd Canadian Corps in the Normandy campaign. The squadron was attached to 25th Canadian Armoured Delivery Regiment (The Elgin Regiment) for administrative purposes. On 24 October 1944, 1st Canadian Armoured Carrier Regiment was formed from elements of 1st Armoured Carrier Squadron. That squadron continued to exist and was joined by a second one, thus giving the Regiment two squadrons in total. On 21 December 1944 the Regiment was assigned to 31st Armoured Brigade of British 79th Armoured Division which would act as the parent formation for both it and British 49th Armoured Personnel Carrier Regiment which was organized along similar lines as the Canadian unit. The 1st Canadian Armoured Carrier Regiment was an ad hoc unit formed in answer to tactical requirements encountered by 1st Canadian Army in the Normandy campaign.

Gallantry Awards

Service Number Rank Surname Names Decoration I or P Date
  Lieutenant Colonel CHURCHILL Gordon Minto DSO P Oct44-May45
  Major CORBEAU Francis Stanley DSO P Feb45
  Lieutenant BLACK Curtis LeRoy MC I 12Apr45
  Captain ROOK Samuel Frank MC P Jan45
D131241 Sergeant BOIS Joseph Albert MM P 09Feb45
B118977 Trooper SEYMOUR William Brown MM P 09Feb45
F66339 Lance Sergeant WHYNOT Francis Nelson MM P Nov44-Mar45
K8014 Trooper WILSON Thomas William Edmund MM I 31Oct44

"I" – Immediate award for a specific act of gallantry.
"P" – Periodic Award. Not for a specific act, but can encompass gallant behavior over a period of time or noteworthy service.