14th Armoured Regiment
(Calgary Regiment)

1st Canadian Armoured Brigade, Sicily and Italy, 1943 – 1945
Northwest Europe, 1945



Unit Serial and Arm of Service Flash, 1942 – 1945

Battle Honours: Second World War

Dieppe, Sicily, 1943, Motta Montecorvino, San Leonardo, The Gully, Cassino II, Gustav Line, Pignataro, Liri Valley, Aquino, Trasimene Line, Arezzo, Advance to Florence, Cerrone, Italy, 1943-1945, North-West Europe, 1942, 1945.



Formation Sign,
1st Army Tank Brigade
and later,
1st Canadian Armoured Brigade

Historical Sketch

Details of the Regiment were placed on active service on 01 September 1939 for local protective duties. The Regiment mobilized the 14th Army Tank Battalion (The Calgary Regiment (Tank)) on 11 February 1941. It embarked for the United Kingdom on 20 June 1941 as the junior tank battalion of 1st Army Tank Brigade. It was redesignated the 14th Army Tank Regiment (The Calgary Regiment (Tank)) on 15 May 1942. The Regiment took part in the raid on Dieppe on 19 August 1942 as the first unit of the Canadian Armour Corps to go into action. It landed in Sicily as a part of the 1st Canadian Armoured Brigade in July 1943. The Regiment was redesignated the 14th Armoured Regiment (Calgary Regiment) on 26 August 1943. It landed in Italy on 03 September 1943 and moved to North-West Europe on 09 March 1945.


Second World War Gallantry Awards

Service # Rank Surname Names Decoration I or P Date
  Major BEGG John DSO I 19Aug42
   Major GLENN Allen DSO I 19Aug42
   Major JAMES William George DSO P May44-May45
   Lieutenant Colonel NEROUTSOS Cyril Houlton DSO I 09Dec43
   Lieutenant Colonel RICHARDSON Clinton Argue DSO P Jun-Jul44
   Major TAYLOR Robert Richard DSO P Mar44-May45
   Captain ALEXANDER Laurence Guy MC I 19Aug42
   Lieutenant BUCHAN Jack Leslie Kerr MC I 10Dec43
   Lieutenant CHARBONNEAU Arnold James MC I 01Oct43
   Captain KINGSMILL Hugh Anthony Gault MC I 12May44
   Honorary Captain MacDONALD Emmanuel Cameron MC P Jun-Aug44
   Acting Major RITCHIE Frederick Newton MC I Gari River Date
   Major ROLFE Gordon M. MC I 19Aug42
   Captain STANTON A. G. MC I 19Aug42
   Acting Major TAYLOR Donald Clarke MC I 12May44
   Captain TURNEY A. H. MC I 19Aug42
K45219 Acting Corporal KREGER Lionel DCM U/K U/K
A22485 Trooper SCRATCH D. W. DCM U/K 19Aug42
M27039 Trooper ANDERSON Archie Frederick MM U/K 19Aug42
M27008 Lance Corporal GREENWELL George Leslie MM U/K 19Aug42
M27114 Sqn Sgt.-Maj. HALSTEAD Charles Robert MM I 11Dec43
M27006 Lance Corporal HELMER Calvin Wilbert John MM I 19 Aug42
F86440 Trooper MacLEAN George MM I 12May44
M27156 Lance Corporal NELSON Gustav Adolph MM U/K 19Aug42
M26832 Lance Corporal PRICE Thomas James MM I 09Dec43
K52368 Sergeant UNDERHILL Frank Duncan MM I 02Oct43

"I" – Immediate award for a specific act of gallantry.
"P" – Periodic Award. Not for a specific act, but can encompass gallant behavior over a period of time or noteworthy service.