1st Armoured Car Regiment (Royal Canadian Dragoons)

2nd Armoured Regiment (Lord Strathcona's Horse [Royal Canadians])

3rd Reconnaissance Regiment (The Governor General's Horse Guards)

4th Reconnaissance Regiment (IV Princess Louise Dragoon Guards) *

5th Armoured Regiment (8th Princess Louise's [New Brunswick] Hussars)

6th Armoured Regiment (1st Hussars) 

7th Reconnaissance Regiment (17th Duke of York's Royal Canadian Hussars) ‡ 

8th Reconnaissance Regiment (14th Canadian Hussars) *

9th Armoured Regiment (The British Columbia Dragoons)

10th Armoured Regiment (The Fort Garry Horse)

11th Armoured Regiment (Ontario Regiment)

12th Armoured Regiment (Three Rivers Regiment)

14th Armoured Regiment (The Calgary Regiment)

15th [Reserve] Armoured Regiment (6th Duke of Connaught's Royal Canadian Hussars) ‡

16th [Reserve] Armoured Regiment (7th/11th Hussars) ¥ 

17th [Reserve] Armoured Regiment (The Prince Edward Island Regiment)

18th Armoured Car Regiment (12th Manitoba Dragoons) *

19th Army Tank Regiment (The New Brunswick Regiment [Tank]) *

20th Army Tank Regiment (16th/22nd Saskatchewan Horse) *

21st Armoured Regiment (The Governor General's Foot Guards) †

22nd Armoured Regiment (The Canadian Grenadier Guards) †

23rd Army Tank Regiment (Halifax Rifles) *

24th Reconnaissance Regiment (Les Voltigeurs de Québec) †

25th Armoured Delivery Regiment (The Elgin Regiment) 

26th Army Tank Regiment (Grey and Simcoe Foresters) †

27th Armoured Regiment (The Sherbrooke Fusilier Regiment) ¥ 

28th Armoured Regiment (The British Columbia Regiment)

29th Reconnaissance Regiment (The South Alberta Regiment) §

30th Reconnaissance Regiment (The Essex Regiment [Tank]) € 

31st [Alberta] Reconnaissance Regiment (15th Alberta Light Horse) §

32nd Reconnaissance Regiment (The Royal Montréal Regiment) †

1st Canadian Armoured Personnel Carrier Regiment *

A27 Canadian Reconnaissance Training Centre *

A33 Canadian Armoured Corps Training Centre * 

* Later to the Supplementary Order of Battle (inactive) or disbanded
† Later reverted to infantry
‡ - § - ¥ Later amalgamated

 Association du Corps blindé royal canadien (ACBRC)

organisation 1945